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OvisLink VDSL Bonded Wireless Gateway

The OV604WVH is a high-powered, bonding VDSL2+ Gateway providing sufficient bandwidth for a high performance connection to the Internet. 

This gateway provides four ethernet interfaces, one WAN interface, two USB host 2.0 interface and two 2.4G external WIFI antennas. The ethernet and high powered 802.11n Wifi are used for connecting to computers, through which you can access the Internet. The high powered 802.11n Wifi interface support 802.11n 2.4GHz band. This is an ideal broadband all in one solution for both home users who wish to share high-speed Internet access and small offices that wish to do business on the Internet.

Up to 16 users per radio 
Supports full range of VDSL standards
Support xDSL Bonding
Compatible with all major DSLAMs
Support IP QoS
Support remote access control
IPv6 Ready
High Powered 802.11n Wifi Networking
ADSL/ADSL2+ compatible
ITU K.21 Requirments (Enhanced Lightning Protection)

$69.95 + tax


191 Middle Rd
Jersey Shore, PA 17740


Phone: (570) 745.7101                     
Fax: (570) 745.3666